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Hi there,

Just joined the community. What a great forum!!!

I have had a 2000 540iTA for 6 years, and my wife just gave up on it after it stalled on her multiple times. She wants a new car. It's now my job to prove to her that the bimmer still worth keeping. I've had the common fixes on the car such as the radiator, valley pan gasket, CPS.

The car's got 127K miles and it sometimes stalls when warm(normal operating temp) during stop-n-go condition, and I can start it right back up. Certain lights have came on before the car dies. The only light I can consistently remember is the DSC, and one time the electrical system seem to be in a bad place before it shut off, where the lights will go dim and bright again, and the self-leveling rear suspension became inactive. Sonnen BMW hasn't been able to find any code and no CEL. They did replace my ignition switch which cost $300 and charged me another $200 for diagnostics after I returned the next day with the same problem and concluded that it's the MAF. I've replaced the MAF, the pre-cat O2 sensors, and CPS was replaced about two years ago. An independent garage tested the original battery and concluded that it's still good. I just saw the DME #3 connector post. Will check but seem to have different symptoms.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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