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Hi all My name's Eric. I registered yesterday hoping to ask ya'll if I should buy this car or not, but that didn't work out so well. Me and my wife went to the dealership to pick up a 2011 Tahoe we had shipped from one of their other dealerships. On the way we saw it the most beautiful BMW at a little used car lot. A 2005 745li. We stopped, test drove it, and loved it and on top of that it was about half the price of the Tahoe. That was the problem. It was half the price because it has 135,XXX miles on it. That's what I was going to ask ya'll about, but we test drove it again today, and went ahead and put a non refundable deposit down on it until I get the rest of the down payment Friday. So here I am we love our "New" car, but I'm sure as things start going wrong I'll be needing all the help I can get from ya'll. Thanks in advance.
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Just remember maintenance. It help's to keep from haveing huge repair costs if you keep up with the maintenance. For any parts needs and tech support check out eaceuroparts.
It said new member introductions was for introducing ourselves as well as posting pictures of our new rides. So here's mine. I took a crappy cell phone pic at the car lot, but once I pick it up Friday I'll take better pics. Even with my low mp cell pic it still looks beautiful to me :) I can hardly wait ! !

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