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New member to day from Sweden

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One year ago we bought our first BMW ever, always had "jag rullar" Volvo.
The first impression of the car was stunning. It is a 2001 520iA limousine. driven around 26000 km.
The previous owner had a business, Mr.Cap, treatening cars, so the car was looking very good. Always served at BMW, because he cooperated with them in maintaining and preparing cars for sale. We bought it on the spot, for a reasonable price.
The car was not driven last winter, put parked in a dry garage, protected from the winter snow.

From there the exitement of the BMW quality has gone down, in the same speed as stocks do nowadays.
After a month, i discovered sound in the front. Investigated, and found left shock absorber empty of oil, right was leaking too.
Next, the rims is pretty wide, 225 mm, and two of them was "flat" on inside part, with the result of vibrating car.
Next, I discovered rust which was partly fixed on a car painter, (above rear bumper, edge of hood, etc.) partly myself. Still some left on left front door, along the edge.
Next, broken adjuster in headlight
Next, oil leaking engine, oil comes out somewhere in front top of engine. Engine wet under.
Regulator of battery defect, was able to exchange only regulator, luckily.
Leaking wind shield water tank, or hoses, can't find it.
and so on......

So my impression of BMW speaks for it self.
Therefore I need to be member of forums like this, to reduce my expences, frustration and find advice how to solve never ending broken parts.

I had a Toyota Corolla in an another location, we changed the name to Toyota Problema.
Now I have a Bimmer Problema.