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Hi all,

New member here, first time poster, long time lurker. Post a little bit over on bimmerforums as well, not much lately though.

Glad to be a part of an excellent community! I drive an 06' 330xi and couldn't be happier with its reliability and the enjoyment I get out of driving each and every day. 131,900 Miles and counting.

Had a quick question, I posted a thread earlier and didn't seem to see it in the thread list. Either way, I may as well talk about it here, wasn't a big deal but shocked me a bit this morning. I went to the dealer to get a quart of oil to top off, since I had the low oil warning (only 5,000 miles since last oil change). The dealer gave me a free quart and said "Ok, have a good day!". Does that sound about right? I was honestly expecting to pay for it! :)
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