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Hi everyone, my name is Dan if you ain't guessed by username, acquired my first BMW about 3 months ago and love it. I have a 94 325i E36 in white, spaceship mileage but sweet as a nut. Just replaced cooling system as thought head gasket was going because of overheating, after I replaced everything else worked out it was water pump lol, have just put brembo pads and discs all round, put about 30hrs :mad:of paint renovation and super resin polish into it to bring back to proper white, well worth it, put M3 bumper on, just bought some m tech staggered wheels which improved look, New Philips extreme vision bulbs with blue sidelights (which I got pulled for, after an hour and a half they let me go cue they couldn't prove they were illegal because there not on separate switch, been fine since:thumbup:) and have coilovers on the way. All I need now is windows tinted and chipped(window tinting sorted but any info on chips would be much appericated),
Any info on southwest car clubs around Exeter area would be nice too, thanks and bye for now.:bigpimp:
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