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New owner 2007 X3 Nagivation Update

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I just purchased a 2007 X3 with the premium package w/bmw assist and flip up navigation. I would like to get the navigation up to date.

Is there some kind of an update available for the actual operating software on the unit independent of the maps? If so, how do I obtain it and what does it cost (approx)?

Secondly how do I obtain map updates and are they available here or online?

Lastly, does any one know what the navigation model designation of the flip up screen unit in the X3 is called so I can do more research myself?

Sorry for the newbie questions. Appreciate any help that can be provided.
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There is an OS update, the final version is 4/100 which is displayed in the top corner as 4-1/00. The final FW version was found on V32 OS is from around 2003-4 adds the 3D perspective view, which is a novelty but doesn't zoom out enough.

To view this menu google 'BMW MK4 hidden menu' or similar.

The maps you want are BMW Professional, but you must be careful not to buy the maps for the idrive nav, which was shipping in some BMWs in 2007. You want DVD maps compatible with cars as far back as cars around 1999. In fact the maps for the iBus Pro and Bus navs are the same discs, only the coding of the nav drive changes it from color to monochrome. Again, don't buy the business or professional maps for iDrive.

The OS CD is about 9$ to buy, the DVD maps are about $250 I think.

For the OS, there are some people who are modifying the OS, adding in POI, custom splash screens and custom color schemes.

In summary, your nav is based on the VDO dayton system first launched in about 1990 so don't expect it to come anywhere close to a modern smartphone, or new BMW in looks, features, performance or cost to own/operate.

Also the motorized screen breaks sometimes and costs $850 so if it starts to act up find a way to fix it in the upright position.
I went to the dealer to try and purchase the update disc and they had no idea what I was talking about. Do you have a part number?

Also, do you know if this is a mk3 or mk4?
It's a MK4. It has a DVD writen on the front of it. The last MK3 was fitted in about 2002.

Make sure you don't have the latest FW version already. If the version number is the same, the installation will not go ahead.

Some pictures here.
I managed to get the firmware updated to v32. Thank you so much.

Are there are screenshots or descriptions of what the custom firmware a do different?

Is there a good resource for the maps outside of the dealers $200 price tag?
$12 super cheap dvd maps on eBay work!

believe it or not, the super cheap dvd maps on eBay work great!

I bought the new 2015 maps from a guy on eBay that was out of Los Angeles. There are a dozen or so of these guys selling on eBay.

my car is an 2007 e83 x3 and it had one dvd for the whole country.

I was skeptical, because these new maps are on two dvds dividing up the east and west USA/canada. The guy told me there is a lot more info on these compared to the older one.. which is the reason for two discs now..They also come with another disc that has a firmware update too..
FOR ONLY $12!!!!! I figured for $12 I would take the risk -

I can vouch for these discs in the southern california area - all the newer roads are there (werent there with my original disc), as well as gas stations and restaurants. (a restaurant that just opened in my town late last year is on these maps)
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