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Hello everyone! This is actually my second welcome... I posted here about a month ago as Trevhead, but I cannot for the life of me get that account to work. Password is rejected, resetting was rejected... don't know what's up. I'm anxious to get in here though so I created a new account.

I'm two days in to owning the car I've researched and sought out for over two years:

2003 540i MSport
140,000 miles
a meticulous, caring owner (one-owner car)
Sterling gray, black leather
Lot of work done from previous owner - new water tank, new radiator, new valve covers/gaskets, new front and rear seals, new oil pan gasket, new engine mounts, Teflon bushings in front, new battery, new ignition and plugs... few more details but those are the ones that got my attention (my definition of new is these were all done between 100,000 and it's current 140,000 miles).

Probably noticeable that I didn't list VANOS or timing chain guides... those have not been done. I will be carrying the torch of care for this car, so those are in my plan.

My wife and I flew from Cincinnati to Raleigh NC on Friday night, 1/11/19, and drove it home yesterday. What a fantastic, wonderful vehicle... such a fun drive yesterday.

Got hit with a Service Engine light on the way though! Since we were traveling light, I had nothing with me to do anything about it, so we hit an Autozone in Knoxville to read the code. It came up P1355 - misfire on cylinder 7. Car had been and continued to run normally - no rough idle, no bogging down on acceleration. I'm stumped for now but slowly picking up from these forums that it could be any number of things. The ignition coils in the car are about 30,000 miles old, so I feel like it must be something else. Haven't done any hunting in the car yet though.

Anyway, I'm going to spend some time searching here today and finding the best spot to post a list my misfire. I also have a great local independent mechanic who will be a huge help. I like to know as much as I can from other owners' experience though, and I'm also looking forward to getting into some work myself. I'm not a mechanic, very little experience, but part of wanting this car for me is about learning how to do some work (and learning my threshold for what I'm willing to tackle).

Anyway, thanks for checking out my introduction. I look forward to interacting with you all and learning from you as I go.

Man I love the damn car so much. It's so good.

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Hi and welcome to Bimmerfest :wave:.

Here's the E39 forum, they'll sort you out with any questions :thumbup:.
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