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Hello all

Test drove many cars... and ended up at a BMW dealership. Test drove a few cars and fell in love with BMW. Purchased a 2008 Metallic Grey Fully loaded 4dr 328i @ 26k miles (no sulev engine). I can say i'm impressed and wished i bought one a long time ago. Damn fun and quick : []

BMW has me hooked!

3 months later ive already put 5k miles on it. I expect to put a good 20-25k miles on this car per year. Hopefully this will decrease, but i want to be prepared and keep it maintained well.
As i start hitting mileage i am really curious about your experiences and what I should do in order to keep this wonderful car in good shape.

I normally drive it around 70-80mph through the wonderful and roomy highways of Houston. Mostly highway driving. 25% City.

I have searched and cannot find any clear answers to my questions below. Thank you ahead of time for any answers or additional advice you can give.

  • My service maint. is expiring in a few months. Should i purchase extended warranty? Is it worth it? If so, should i just call my dealership and purchase. Or should i call one of these mailers?
  • Any common issues with the 328i i should have looked at before my service/warranty deal runs out in a few months?
  • I will be getting an oil change every 5k miles (one coming up this weekend). What oil should i use? I also read that I should find a mechanic/shop that has experience with BMW's & oil changes because novices can mess up the pan or something along those lines, true?
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