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New running shoes

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Just got new shoes for my 6r. Had the stock run flats and changed them for bridgestone g force t/a tires. Must say that there is a large difference in every aspect of the ride, I forked over 1k for all four tires but I enjoy my ride s lot more and feel that it was a good decision.
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Describe the improvement... Are you an aggressive driver or are you pursuing a smoother or softer ride?
Not aggressive, more of a comfort ride. Braking,acceleration and overall feel. I believe yorgi said each rf tire weight 6 extra pounds compared to the traditional tire...if that is correct and I hope I'm not mistaken then that would mean that there's a 20+ pound deduction in weight . I also checked the date of manufacture on my old tires and the fronts were made in 06 and the rears on 09. If I didn't have to spend 1300 on new tires I wouldn't but the front tire began leaking air soooooooo I used that as an excuse to purchase the bridgstones. I will post a pic when I get a chance. Enjoy ur Sunday gang, me and my gal are headed for a ride .
You get a quiter ride when chage from the RFT. I drove a friend of mine 6 series recently that had aftermarket tires. Car felt good and rides nicer but I do detect a difference in the handling especially around tight corners. Even though it hug the road I just did not get that feedback that I get from my car. That feedback of assurance. It just didn't feel as tight to me. I guess since the RFT have the thick rubber band around the tire walls, you can dip a bit more into corners without feeling like you're over steering. I guess because you are not aggressive in your driving the non-RFT works nicely. Once mine needs replacing I might consider the continentals. Those have great reviews plus you get road hazard warranty included when you purchase them I believe.
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