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Hi, my name is Lisa Dusseau and I live in Ann Arbor, MI. After my 2001 Zinc Yellow Mercury Cougar gave up the ghost last summer (her water pump imploded after 186,000 miles) and stranded me on a busy expressway, my partner convinced me it was time to find reliable wheels. Many of my friends work for Ford, so I was eligible for their "friends and family" discount. I was very interested in a new Focus, but I could not get it in the trim level and color I wanted. (Oh, and one of the salesmen really screwed up when I was test driving two Foci, one with a handling package and the other without. As I was leaving to test drive the Focus without the handling package he said: "You'd need to be a race car driver to tell the difference." I took that as a challenge, so I took the second one through the same paces as the first. Upon arrival back at the dealership, I tossed the salesman the keys and said: "Well, I MUST be a race car driver because THAT one has far more body roll and understeer than the first." Suffice to say they lost me as a customer.) I tried to find a Fusion and the same problem occurred. The trim level on a 2011 that was below what I desired was pushing $28,000. So my partner says: "Why don't you look at a used BMW?". I did, and I never looked back.

I am happy to say that my 2008 328xi sedan, black with black leather, is EVERYTHING I ever wanted in a car. Fast enough for my liking, quiet at 100mph, handles like a dream and stops on a dime. It was close to the price of the Fusion so I don't feel like I had to settle for something that really wasn't "the whole enchilada". I have a hard time not gushing about to everyone I meet. And on my test drive, my salesman never insulted my skill as a driver or my intelligence about cars. :thumbup:


Lisa Dusseau, Ann Arbor, MI
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