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New to BMWs and need purchasing advice

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Hello Everyone~

I'm new to the forum and looking to "join the club" by possibly making my first BMW purchase. I joined for starters in hopes that I might get advice on a e36 M3 I have my eye on.

Here is the good about it:

-Black E36 M3 Sedan
-5 speed

and then the bad:

-overheats when driven (probably needs new thermostat)
-missfire on cylinder 5 (in obd2 reader) probably needs new coil.
-Has been in a front right collision (shows on car fax and that the car had to be towed). A used bumper and hood has been put on. I didn't see any welding or bends in the engine bay on that side. Wasn't able to look under the car it's too low when I saw it in person.
-I don't know what the extent of the damage was but he said he had to replace the radiator so it must have went that far.
-The roof is dented a bit (the pillars are fine) and the sunroof is crooked. He says the hood got knocked back during the collision and hit the roof.

The drives pretty solid though the 10-15 minutes I test drove it before it started overheating. I'm guessing its been sitting in storage since the accident back in 2010 because he said he's left it in storage for a year and half.

I suppose I could get it running smoothly by changing performing some maintenance on it.. I've done body work before but the roof is more trouble then I want to deal with so I'd bring it to a shop.

Any thoughts? I've been trying to do price comparisons and I don't see any e36 5 speed m3s for sale or sold on the internet. The lowest condition (which this is below) in KBB is $4700ish. Think its worth it?