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New to BMW's and parts...

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I'm very new to my 2003 325i, I bought it less that two weeks ago. I'm curious about where might be one or a couple of the best places online to find exhaust for them, or just parts in general. Other stuff I'll be looking for in the near future are mudflaps, shift knobs, and angel eye headlights. Response is much appreciated!
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Don't waste your money on mods. Save your money for maintenance that WILL be required to keep your car running. Read the Wiki. There is a link to it at the top of this page. Best place for parts is
Orion Angel Eyes from Umnitza. Maintenance parts from oembimmerparts. Exhaust... Not sure. View the site sponsors link at the top of the page for more vendors.

Also read the Wiki. And keep all maintenance up to date before modding.
General parts ?? I usually start at to get the part number. Then search the web or here or E46 site to make sure I have the correct part. Then from there I search the dealer or online. Mostly with Sponsor sites.
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