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New to forum - really helpful!

Although I have had my 540 for over 5 years I have not been involved in any forums, maybe because I have never had any problems with it and so didn't think I needed to or I was just lazy ... probably the latter!

I have just had my first problem with my car and being completely useless when it comes to these things I have been stressing out about it. However after reading one of the VERY informative posts about expansion tank problems on the 540 I am hopeful that the mechanic doesn't rip me off too badly.

When I explained to him what had happened over the weekend he started to talk about needing a new radiator etc.

As I mentioned earlier I don;t know my way around cars but managed to track the source of my coolant loss, when filling the expansion tank the coolant just drained straight out of the bottom of the plastic tank.

Anyway, the picture and descriptions supplied by your members Ryan M and Waveho appear to be spot on with where my problems lie.

Fingers crossed that the mechanics know a tenth of what you guys do!
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