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Hi Guys,
Just joined this forum. I would like to share some of my experiences of my 735i E65 2003. This is my 3rd BMW. I have owned a 1 series , 5 series E39 and have just purchased the 735i. All have been fantastic and cannot imagine myself purchasing any other brand, I think I am hooked. When I purchased the 7 it had the usual slam back into 2 and first. It had to go to a BMW dealer as the dealer I bought it from didn't have the computer to do the repair. It went to the BMW dealer (at the purchasing dealer cost) they told me it had a oil leak and had replaced the transmission filter and seal but required reprograming. 2nd time back they told me the reprograming had not worked and would require a new transmission at $10000. I spoke to the dealer were I purchased it from and agreed to send it to a transmission specalist in perth. They removed the maltronics, replaced a whole heap of seals and sensors. Picked it up. It was much better but it did it still only now and then. Took it back after a week and it turned out to be the guibo joint all along and probably didn't need the transmission doing at all. However the dealer dished out $5000 and the car runs smoother now. After this 4 bushes in the front end had to be replaced and they paided for that. It runs really well now and happy with the results. I have just purchased some style 149 20 inch for it from Evan and Justin have helped me out and discounted the shipping "brilliant".

I have a question.

I want to fix the drivers seat as the foam is squashed on the side were you get out. I have the new BMW seat pad. I need to disconect the power. Can I just turn the switch off in the boot and take off the negative? If I remove the seat does it matter how long I have it disconnected for as whilst I have it out I want to clean and refinish the leather? Is there anything I need to look out for as I dont want to set off any faults? I hope someone can help out it would be great. :)
Disconnect battery otherwise you'll get error's like airbag and such
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