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New to the Forum but not to the game

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Hi NW Peeps, new to the forum and a 1986 635csi - I am near Bellingham and just looking to see who is out there for resources and info and of course parts. I need some little stuff, inside windlace above PS rear 1/4 window, dome light above mirror, a rear window motor or 2 and a few other scattered items. Car is decent, from this day forward she will be referred to as Bent6 - she is a 20 footer with what a appears to be Earl Scheib paint... but she runs out nice and is smooth as butter on the road. So drop me a line and say hello I've been wrenching for over 40 years so I know just enough to be very dangerous. Bill - Everson, WA
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Where is the welcome wagon.... over 70 views and not one "hola.... welkomen... howdy... piss off" nothing?? lol.... I can only hope I get better tech support from the group. I feel like I am at my local Cadillac Service department.
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