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New to the X5

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Just a quick of question.......... If any of you have the rear entertainment system I would like to know if it vibrates, rattles or makes any noise while you drive. That kind of stuff would make me nuts. Thank you in advance.
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I have it. No vibrating, noise or anything like that.
No problem with ours, just the kids arguing over what to watch!!
This is just my opinion . . . we looked at this option and decided against it - it looked like it would cut into the front seat elbow room. Second, isn't an iPad a much better option - kids can take it wherever they go? Two iPads cost less than the rear entertainment option - avoid kids having to fight over what to watch. Finally, there are some decent options to mount the iPad . . . if a mounted device (versus holding it) is important.
We went with an Ipad which connects to the headrest and it works great. Our daughter can take it off and hold it in her lap if she wants and along with movies, she can also play some of the educational apps we have loaded on there. Much more versatile than a standalone DVD player and the ability to take it out of the car after the ride is a huge bonus...
No vibrating at all but price is T/E---
I agree with GOODFOOT.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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