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New toys for E46

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Well, I need to make an order from Pacific, and want to ensure I have all the goodies...

So far, I have the garage door opener, the CD changer and the alarm. Any other goodies? We don't smoke and I would like something to get rid of ashtrays, etc like there is in the E39.

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cenotaph said:
Yes it is, but TINFL (there is no free lunch). What you are doing is telling the car's computer that an alarm is installed. This will generate many fault codes because the car is looking for something that isn't there (the alarm). All the extra fault codes may make it difficult for your dealer to determine what's wrong with your car if they need to.
Last I heard, on the 2002's, setting the clown nose to blink without an alarm installed won't generate any extra error codes. I can't remember if it was my dealer who said this or someone on the boards. It might be true, or total nonsense.

- Cowboy
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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