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New toys for E46

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Well, I need to make an order from Pacific, and want to ensure I have all the goodies...

So far, I have the garage door opener, the CD changer and the alarm. Any other goodies? We don't smoke and I would like something to get rid of ashtrays, etc like there is in the E39.

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Re: Re: New toys for E46

Chris330ci said:

You sure you want to spend the dough for the alarm? Just have your dealer program the clown nose to blink so that it appears that you have an alarm. Thieves wont' know the difference and might be less likely to take the chance of finding out. Besides, if they really want the car, they're gonna get it...
My thoughts exactly... Specially because they say new BMW's are "unstealable"...
webguy330i said:
It's kinda funny if you think about it; when was the last time you saw someone's clown nose blinking? I believe there are a LOT (~60%+) of bimmers running about which could have this simple option turned on at no cost (plus the added benefit of the blinky lock/unlock lights) but didn't because they didn't know about it. I also believe a lot of folks purchased the alarm thinking it was the only way to get the clownnose/exterior-light blink action going. Oh well. =)

PropellerHead, got wheel locks?
I think the clown nose wouldn't blink on my old 00 323Ci without alarm... Anyway, I may be wrong...
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