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New toys for E46

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Well, I need to make an order from Pacific, and want to ensure I have all the goodies...

So far, I have the garage door opener, the CD changer and the alarm. Any other goodies? We don't smoke and I would like something to get rid of ashtrays, etc like there is in the E39.

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Re: Re: Re: New toys for E46

ALEX325i said:

My thoughts exactly... Specially because they say new BMW's are "unstealable"...
The new BMW's are hard to steal. The passive anti-theft system is fairly secure, but there is always a way. Easiest is to put the car on a flatbed and tow it away. Another way is to have a mated anti-theft module and key. Zoom, away goes the car. Fortunately, BMW makes it hard to access the module. Even still, having the alarm makes stealing the car that much harder...
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