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New transitioner from Question for Jon Schafer (or anyone)

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I went to my dealer last week and was looking at a convertible. Among the options for this particular one was the auto transmission. But it was listed like this:

Automatic Transmission (CVT) $1295

Does this mean that the 3 series now has a CVT transmission? I saw the post over at, but I didn't quite get the answer. If this "CVT" does not mean continuously variable transmission, then what does it mean? I know for a fact that I definitely saw the letters "CVT" in parenthesis after the auto trans. and before the price.

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I didn't ask the dealer because I was in a hurry at the time. Plus I figured I would ask on a message board where I could get more of a consensus. Jon seems to know more than pretty much all other sales people I have come in contact with.

This was definitely not a typo. Some else from reported seeing the same thing.

My question is if it doesn't stand for continuously variable transmission, then what does it stand for?

As usual, thanks for the clarification Jon! I didn't think the "CVT" was available either, or there would have been much more hoopla associated with its release. Does BMW have any plans to release one for this model lifetime? or the next generation.

Also, any plans on a hardtop convertible? I have a picture of one at an auto convention from a year or so ago.
Thanks for the follow up, Jon!
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