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New transitioner from Question for Jon Schafer (or anyone)

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I went to my dealer last week and was looking at a convertible. Among the options for this particular one was the auto transmission. But it was listed like this:

Automatic Transmission (CVT) $1295

Does this mean that the 3 series now has a CVT transmission? I saw the post over at, but I didn't quite get the answer. If this "CVT" does not mean continuously variable transmission, then what does it mean? I know for a fact that I definitely saw the letters "CVT" in parenthesis after the auto trans. and before the price.

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Re: Re: New transitioner from Question for Jon Schafer (or anyone)

ALEX325i said:

Why do you care? A slushie is a slushie :p

Sorry :angel:, couldn't resist :D Step is the best slushie (oops, my bad, auto tranny) I've ever driven. :thumb:
Then you should drive SMG!
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