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Is it me or does it look like a VOLVO?

Saw the photos in NY Times.. ROUNDED BUM...dunno.. I still like the mid-90's and earlier. Looked fast, looked sharp. These new ones look bulbous.Very VOLVOLIKE..Hey what do I know, I'm living on an Island off the coast of Southern Brasil???


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Jon said:
The "Typically Equipped" price of a new 3 will go up less than $200.

I wonder if that means by adding more standard content, they are saying the base price will increase much more than $200:

New model differential +200
Forced Xenons +700
Forced auto headlights +$$?
Forced rain sensing wipers +$$?

Making it more than $1000 more. We can't really take other markets into account here for comparison. They don't do the US specific packaging

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But my posting ("A Bavarian Debutante") has the full text, in case you don't want to have to click on the link...(whining voice)...aaaannd, mine was first! :p :angel: :tsk:

Although, there was a request for a Cliff's Notes version :tsk: :p :D
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