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<newbie>: Check Brake lights

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Only picked up my used X5 on Friday 25th March 2005. Love the car - best I've ever bought so far. :)

Unfortunately got the "Check Brake lights/Check Tail lights" message on the dashboard on Sunday. :cry:

I've bought replacement bulbs and have unscrewed the bulb holders from the taillight fitting - but all the filaments look OK. I have changed the bulbs but no difference.

Maybe its a fuse problem ??

I've found one fuse box located close to the right taillight fitting - but none of the fusebox places are defined as being allocated to the taillights?

Is there another fusebox I should be looking for?

Or am I on the wrong track - could it be some other problem?

Any help much appreciated

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Thx for the quick reply.

I've examined the metal contacts on the holder - they all look fine. The car was registered late 2002.

I thought that perhaps one of the contacts wasn't connecting properly - so I bent them a little to provide better contract - but - all to no avail.

Is there a fuse specifically for the right side tail light ? The RHS tail indicator works fine (UK car) - but the stop light and tail light are not working? Different fuses perhaps?

Thx in advance again
vinu_neuro said:
i guarantee its not a fuse issue. ur having loose contact between bulb/holder/housing
Thx VN

Before reading your reply - I checked the're right - its not the fuses :p

I played with twisting the bulb holders in their housing and managed to get one of the lights to work. The stop light however I could only get a very very faint light from. I've spoken to the dealer today - and he's sorting something out - as the car is under warranty.

Thx again (everyone) for the help

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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