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Firstly Hi everyone. Ive just picked up my first BMW, a 325D M Tech Coupe and absolutely love it

Unfortunately my third day with the car (yesterday) I hit a pothole on a dark country road..I say pothole it was more like a crater and somehow I didnt see it until it was too late. As Ive got the M Tech I have the 19" wheels and practically no suspension so it made a fair bang. Initially fearing for the condition of my wheels and tyres I stopped and had a look in the dark and all looked fine.

I looked at it again this morning and the wheel and tyre still look fine but cant help but notice the wing looks a little misaligned with the bonnet. By misaligned I mean slightly higher.. I didnt notice this before the pothole and Im pretty sure I would have during the inspection

Is there a chance that this could be as a result of the pothole? and if so is it likely to be just the wing becoming loose from the clip/bracket that holds it in place or is it more likely something more serious like strut / chassis damage?

Ive had a look under the bonnet and cant see anything obvious although there isnt much to look at with a huge engine shoehorned in there. Im gonna get it looked at properly at the weekend by my local independent specialist but it still drives fine with no knocks or rattles so Im guessing it cant be anything too serious. If theres a huge bill involved I will be less than pleased and mr local council will be getting a phone call
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