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Newsflash!!! BimmerFest Date Changed to Saturday April 20th....

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Well, I hate to do this, but BimmerFest West Date has been officially changed to Saturday April 20th.... (one week earlier than originally planned). There was a conflict with business, and therefore the date has to be moved forward one week... I hope that this does not cause any serious hardship on anyone...

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Thank god I'm a procrastinator...

So what are you guys giving away for Best of Show this year Jon? I'm only asking because I'm going to win it. :thumb:

Anyway, do you think parking would be a problem this year? Last year the lot was PACKED...And I can only imagine how many more cars will be coming this year. I intend to bring both coupes along, just hope we can reserve some spaces so that we can park both coupes side by side.
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