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NEWSFLASH : BMW reveals Z4

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As expected it will be called Z4. There is no data sheet available at the moment.

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Well, that's out! :thumbdwn: I was considering maybe getting another Z3 (Z4), but that's just ugly! :mad:
Alex Baumann said:
BTW, just a little reminder, this was one of the best computer enhanced pics of the 'new' Z3

I totally agree. I'd buy that, but that ugly thing they're going to offer the general public is awful. If remember correctly the front pic of the same car (pictured above) looked pretty good too.

It seriously looks like my BMW days are coming to an end. :bawling:
What on earth are they smoking?
Adrian van Hooydonk must be smoking Bangles pole. :yikes:
1 - 3 of 59 Posts
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