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NEWSFLASH : BMW reveals Z4

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As expected it will be called Z4. There is no data sheet available at the moment.

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I'm actually starting to not detest the CS1 as much as I did at first. I still don't like it, and I think some of the detail elements are fussy, overly delicate, and just plain weird (for example, the "flame surfacing" is overdone, the sagging line between the fenders makes the car look like its melting, and the flat flanges around each wheel cutout just look cheap). But I like the return of the shark nose, and the overall proportions are good. It doesn't offend me like the E65 does.

The Z4, on the other hand, does offend me. The hood is cartoonishly long, and bulges up way too far, making the wheels appear overly small. The grille treatment is Z9esque, and I think we all know that isn't a good thing. If that all weren't enough, the "flame surfacing" is present and voting. The Z4, in short, combines the worst elements of the E65 and the CS1, without any of the (limited) positive qualities of either.

No sir, I don't like it. I was never a fan of the current Z3, but this is worse.
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Alex Baumann said:
BTW, just a little reminder, this was one of the best computer enhanced pics of the 'new' Z3

Nowhere near ugly enough to be a BMW.
The HACK said:
Anyone happen to catch that video that Animeboy (I believe that's his handle...Drives a black ///M Coupe I think) posted with the new Z4 blasting around the Nurburgring? That thing had ZERO roll as it zoomed by sharp corners and is flat as a Britney Spears before surgery.

Did I mention I'll be picking one up in two years? :D :D :D :D :D
There should be deep pricing discounts, anyway. Remember that kit someone developed that made a Miata look like a Z3? Maybe someone will develop the reverse for the Z4.

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