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2020 x3 all electric

It's been three years since BMW launched the electric hybrid offshoot, BMW i, and 100,000 i vehicles have been sold. The next phase of the BMW i project is to bring the technology to the mass production vehicles. To that end, BMW has announced that in 2020 they will offer a fully electric X3. There are no details on the performance or range, but by 2020 the Tesla Model 3 will be well and truly on sale with a range of ~215 miles, so that will be the segment bench mark.

Hurry up kids, we're late for soccer practice - 2018 X3 testing on the 'Ring

In the near term the 2018 X3 will go on sale late in 2017 with two B-family engine options and a hybrid iPerformance option as well. We'll continue to bring you news of the next generation X3 as they develop.
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