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No AC or any air on 2007 328i

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I am faced with a ventilation problem. All lights on.... no AC, no defrost, nothin.. After doing some reading I decided that I should replace the final stage resistor on my 328 as this was apparently a common problem.... nope, all lights on, no air blowing at all.... Do i need to replace the blower itself... anyone else have this problem, or am I missing something?:dunno:
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No AC, fan, defrost, nothing!!!

Mine just started doing the same exact thing! I guess I'll have my mechanic put a new blower in which is easy to get to.
Okay everybody check this out! I've gotta 2007 328i and my cigarette lighter wouldn't work because the fuse kept on blowing. I changed it twice and it would work for a little bit and then blow again. One day morning I discovered that the one inside the arm rest console had a penny stuck down in it which was causing the short. I got the penny out and changed the 20 amp fuse and it works fine now, this was like last week. Now my blower stopped working around 3 weeks ago. I got off work and went to start my ride up and cut the AC on and got nothing! The control console read like it was activated (blowing) temperature controls functioned properly and even the the speed dial displayed properly but nothing actually blew out the vents. Today which is the 8-22-17 I was driving and figured what the hell, let me try the blower again just for kicks and it actually worked!!! Last week I went to a BMW shop and got quoted 500 for the fix and the guy said it was very common with these cars for the blower motor to go out. I tried every function on my console, Defrost, AC, Automatic Thermostat and all the speeds and it works perfectly! All I did was change that fuse for the cigarette light plug to work and now all of a sudden it works now also!? Very interesting and by the way for those who are wondering those are 20 inch rims on mine and it rides and drives just like the factories.


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