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No beemer like this!

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Here is my new beemer


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Odd, that looks like a CAR not a MOTORCYCLE.
Rear bumper

Specialist rear valance


Is that a factory aero kit?
Front is AC Schitzer:

Rear looks like Hamann:

And the sides look like factory M-Aero. My best guesses! :D
PhilH said:
Is that a factory aero kit?
I like it! what was that another 2-3g's after purchase and paint?
you guys and the bimmer / beemer thing. lay off. :confused: :thumbdwn:
I read that post awhile back I didn't know either.......
bimmer = car / beemer = motorcycle

is bimmer pronounced beemer?


That says it all. Pronounced as they look. :D
Rufus330Ci said:
is bimmer pronounced beemer?
No one know's

No the back spolier isn't a Hamaan,

But the front spoiler is a AC Schnitzer,

and the side skirts are M3 ones,

but the back is a special one from a contact I have in Germany.

And back up two the guy who disses bimmer's / beemer's because I'm from the UK and that's what we say!!!


Different angle


In the UK we say Beemer's but it could be different over in the states where you guys are.
Hey, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. The Hamann one DOES look quite similiar, though. :thumbup:
Yeh you did well.

I know it does look similar but for the Gap in the middle. I wanted something different from a lot of people who have Hamaan
Does look sweet! How much is those skirts? I'm alittle lazy to look them up ;O) I would probably have the chrome tips stick out past the rear skirt though like a couple inches for looks
Thanks for the compliment Rufus 330

The side skirts cost me £140

in $ about 300
thats pretty cheap $300 I wonder how it would look without replacing the front and rear bumpers and only side skirts....
Yeh I think it would look alright because i've seen a few cars done like that.

The whole kit including the lip M3 boot lip was £1000

There's a part where Morgan F. pronounces the car as 'BEAMER' in the movie Sum of All Fears, if that makes any difference.
Re: fyi

AKwhite330i said:
There's a part where Morgan F. pronounces the car as 'BEAMER' in the movie Sum of All Fears, if that makes any difference.
The general populace at large isn't hip to the bimmer/beemer car/motorcycle thing. I bet 90% of the people on the street would say beemer and think it meant the car. And as for screenwriters actually doing any research prior to finishing a script, well ... :tsk:
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