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Hello, I'm new to this forum but not to BMW's as I am on my 4th BMW and Love it. Its a 2005 X5 4.4i with NAV and i believe but not sure, standard NON DSP radio.
About a week ago I was getting the X5 ready to give to my girlfriend to drive to Pittsburgh from Cleveland where we live. It has been snowing a lot and she felt safer with my X5 rather than her Lexus IS250.
She doesn't like my BMW NAV so I was placing her Garmin w/BLUE TOOTH GPS on the dash. I was testing her phone on the BMW bluetooth by calling her in the house and it first came through the BMW radio speakers and then switched over to the Garmin portable GPS unit. I tried switching back but no avail.
Now, my Bluetooth doesn't work at all in the BMW, nor does the radio !! The tuner light comes on when you push the left hand knob but no sound and no display of station. Bluetooth...not at all.
What could cause both to go out that is common... maybe a fuse ???
I have no idea but would appreciate the help

NEW INFO - I found and checked the fuses located in the rear hatch and in glove compartment for "RADIO and Telephone", 3 in all BUT all were good.
Anyone have any other ideas for me to check ??

PS... does anyone know where i find the Bluetooth module and if the standard and common amp has a separate fuse from the radio ?
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