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Hi, I have searched the internet for this and can't seem to find a solution, I have an intermittent fault on my e46 318ci. When you attempt to start the car, the radio and heaters come on but the dash lights, abs, check engine, etc dont come on - The car the wont start.
If you keep trying to turn the car off and on again it does eventually start but it can take 10-30 times to get the dash lights to come on.. once these come on it starts straight away.

If anyone has any pointers that would be greatly appreciated!

I took the car to local BMW dealer for a service a few months ago and they told me that the dme unit had some corroded connections, but that they had cleaned them up, could this be causing it? They seemed to think that it would continue to run fine though.

Also the heaters don't seem to be working that well at the moment and the EML light is on could these all be related or not, i have read that a broken thermostat could be a culprit here bmw did not diagnose this fault.

Many thanks! Steve
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