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I had my appointment today to get the sticky throttle fixed. I drove it around plenty this morning to make sure that the car would by "symptomatic" and dropped it off around 7:30. WOW, were they quick. I got a call around 9:00 from my service advisor letting me know the car was done.

All I can say is WOOO HOOOO! The new module has a MUCH lighter action and is SOOOOO much smoother. It took me awhile to readjust my driving style, but I can start much easier from a dead stop and shifts are smoother too.

Funny thing was the Tech's comment on the work order: "I test drove the vehicle and at no time did the accelerator stick or become stiff." :confused: He may not have noticed the difference, but I sure can!

Thanks to Peter Pan BMW for banishing my old module back to the pit of H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks that spawned it! :thumbup:
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