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No spare tire=goofy and stupid

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One of my biggest hangups with the new M models is BMW's bizarre decision to favor increased muffler size (and four cool looking exhaust tips) over fitting even a space saver spare tire. I post on this every now and then, but the linked thread got my attention and so I thought I'd do so again.

Can you imagine being on your way to a client site, having a flat, and having to wait by your car while it's flatbedded to a dealership? Or being on a freeway late at night, just wanting to get home, and having to call Roadside Assistance because you hit a nail? I've used the spare tire on several of my cars in just these situations; it simply blows my mind that BMW doesn't see the need to give a real spare tire.

IMHO, if they absolutely have to have the fancy chrome exhaust system, they should at least provide the option of run-flat tires. I realize that they decrease performance somewhat, but the notion of standing next to a brand new 50K+ car on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck because the tire is flat is just ridiculous.
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As long as it has run-flats, it shouldn't be a huge factor.

If you are really worried about it (assuming one has an E46M3) then you could buy a spare wheel and tire combo and keep them at home for just such an occasion.

In the 500,000miles I've driven in my lifetime, I've never required the spare at all. In fact for about 5 years, I ran without the spare at all in my 91 Eagle Talon. There was no space for the stereo system and the spare, so bye-bye spare! Never even needed the can of fix-it-goo.

Of course, your opinion and results may vary! Then again, I'm the guy who has run my E46 with summer tires through 3 winters in a row. :D

- JP
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