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No spare tire=goofy and stupid

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One of my biggest hangups with the new M models is BMW's bizarre decision to favor increased muffler size (and four cool looking exhaust tips) over fitting even a space saver spare tire. I post on this every now and then, but the linked thread got my attention and so I thought I'd do so again.

Can you imagine being on your way to a client site, having a flat, and having to wait by your car while it's flatbedded to a dealership? Or being on a freeway late at night, just wanting to get home, and having to call Roadside Assistance because you hit a nail? I've used the spare tire on several of my cars in just these situations; it simply blows my mind that BMW doesn't see the need to give a real spare tire.

IMHO, if they absolutely have to have the fancy chrome exhaust system, they should at least provide the option of run-flat tires. I realize that they decrease performance somewhat, but the notion of standing next to a brand new 50K+ car on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck because the tire is flat is just ridiculous.
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Then just use the M Mobility kit.

You have a choice, call and wait, or use the kit.

Also the reason for the larger muffler is better performance. Less back pressure.

Another thing, all the current Ms use different wheels front and back with different offsets. Also Limited Slip Differentials don't like different diameters on the same axle.

Lots of reasons why a spare tire would be difficult.
You probably haven't ever used Fix A Flat. :)

Let's see in 30 + years I have needed a spare twice. And in only one case would not having had the spare been a problem. And in that case the Mobility kit would have been fine.

WRT the exhaast system, it isn't the four tips that make it so large, it is the full dual exhaust system (MZ3s have no room for sapre due to second muffler). Also the manufacturer has to build to a different standard than the aftermarket. Noise, durability, etc. Look at the Eisenmann for the M3, no lighter, no smaller than stock, but meets German standards.

As for the tire being toast with using the Mobility kit, I don't use plugged/patched tires on high performance vehicles. On our Jeep, maybe, on one of the BMWs, never. It isn't worth the potential problems for the few hundred dollars saved.

And you didn't address the problems of the different rim offsets front and rear or the problem of a smaller spare and LSD.

Some of the MZ3 Coupe guys have found a Porsche shrunken spare (you have to inflate first) that fits with a spacer. No idea how the LSD likes it. For an M3 you could do the same.

Personally I have no trouble with no spare.
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Yes, it would have to be the same outside diameter. And limited slips do have trouble with differing tire diameters. And it may be more of a problem for the M3 diff, as it isn't a "normal" LSD. And it doesn't take a lot to cause trouble. Look at the recalibration required for different tire diameters for the tire pressure monitor.

Just thought of something, how about the DSC? It might very well "think" that a slight difference in tire diameter is a tire without traction. Of course you can trurn DSC off, but can you be sure that EVERYONE will remember to do that? Heck, take a look over on Roadfly, many people can't figure out what oil to put in M3s with the big yellow decal. :)

With the MZ3 is isn't the pipes, but the mufflers. And there is no room furhter forward for mufflers. Even with the Supersprint system, there would be no room for the spare. Heck there isn't even room for two 3 inch pipes. The stock system has flat areas to fit it under the car.

Personally for me, I would rather have more trunk space, less weight and a cell phone. Works better for me.

I forgot to say in the last post that I have had MANY more problems that required towing that had nothing to do with tires. It is no big deal.
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