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my car 2012 BMW 528xi
I will save you the why I ended up in my situation.

I unplugged my dme without disconnecting battery. Plugged it back in and the car will not start. As soon as I hit the on button the relay behind the glove box and relays in the engine bay start clicking repeatedly. At first I assumed it was a dme problem but reading other forums caused me to look at my battery. My battery tested bad and so I bought a new one and I am continuing to have the same issue. The fact that the engine is cranking tells me some systems are getting power but the clicking tells me some are not getting the voltage they need. Battery is fresh and I am at a loss. Any help on where I can look or what fuses/relays to check would be helpful.

Could the clicking be fuel pump can prime? Or something to do with enough voltage to injectors. Everything on the car works just won’t start and relays are clicking. I tried registering my battery but I get an error that terminal 15 isn’t on and IBS isn’t communicating. I don’t know if that helps.

I tested the one relay on the trunk fuse panel and the one behind the glove box and both relays are good.
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