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None of the Magazines gave any decent feedback on the Infiniti G35

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It just hit me tonight after reading Autoweek, Motor trend and Car & Driver (still have to read Road & tracks review) that not one magazine really left me the feeling of I have to drive this car.

Meanwhile it's got all the makings of a great driver's car and some excellent competition for the 3 series.

It seems to me that most of the articles were all fluff basically describing the car as Infiniti told them to during there introduction and then they probably let them take a couple of laps with it.

My best guess is the Magazines really couldn't put the car through it's paces and therefore really couldn't give us any REAL feedback.

We'll have to wait for a real road test and maybe I'll even go and test drive it when it comes out !!

Overall I am disappointed that the Magazines couldn't come right out and say 'Infiniti didn't really give us enough time to give you a road test'
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They are always like that. I remeber when the Jag X-Type came out and everyone was praising it as some sort of miracle car in articles devoted to that specific car. Now you can go the the Car and Driver comparo right on the website and see it placed right behind the Cadilac CTS, along with a more objective review. I think you just need to give it more time. And anyhow, there is no substitue for a real life test drive.

Of course we all know who won... ;)
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