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Noob with Tire/Rim question

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I recently acquired a '98 318i. It has the steel wheels. They have to go.

I was looking at a set of style 392s. Everything looks like it would fit. ET37, center bore 72.6. They are square 7.5". 17" diameter.

If they would fit, recommendations on tire size.

Thanks. This will be the first of many dumb questions.
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I don't know if the wheels will fit but the tires on a rim 17 x 7.5 inch for E36 will be 225/45-17 or 235/40-17.

Generally, wheels with backspace or ET 35 - ET 41 fit.
For the most part BMW 17 inch diameter wheels for E36 in 7 1/5 inch and 8 1/2 inch wide rims are ET 41.
I see a couple 17 X 7 in ET 47.
There is a wide variety of BMW factory wheels that will fit.
Use you build date (see decal on drivers door "B" pillar) in to find the ones that fit.
There are a couple missing from the list I found for a 06/1994 build listing, such as Style 32 from the Z3.

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Agree that these would be the correct tire sizes for those wheels. That said, style 392 wheels will look awful with the E36 body. They have a totally different design language that will not mesh well.
I don't know if the wheels will fit but the tires in 17 x 7.5 inch for E36 will be 225/45-17 or 235/40-17
I don't even like the 392s on the cars they were designed for/came on. They look like they belong on an SUV, but if you like them, vitamin, go for it.
The 392's have got to look better than the steelies.... :)

They're not the most sylish BMW wheel style but seems like they used them on a bunch of different models and they're relatively cheap to buy used. I see them here locally for less than $200 a set pretty frequently.
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