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NORCAL BAY/SACTO July 23 05 Toys for Tots meet and drive

****(Meeting are to be determined soon) *****

As usual this meet and drive is open to ALL CARS. The event has been posted on the following message boards.
Feel free to post it other places.

**If you wish to join the email list for event please send a email to [email protected] or PM me**

The day's events will go as follows. Meet and setup for a mini car show and have lunch. After lunch we will go on the planned drive. The drive is not a race or to see who has a better car. If you wish to showboat then take it to a track. I and those who volunteer to help me will not tolerate any showboating. If you do we will stop the drive and ask you to leave. Please respect others and others space while driving. There will be also 1 or 2 photo opps for the drive.

The event website with maps and these details are on
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