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On and a bunch of us with e36 M3s decided we should all get together.....

Ok here is the deal with the meet:

This meet is primarily for older m3s (e.g. e36 and e30). The plan is to meet up at the given location below and have a cookout, discuss the cars, take some pictures etc.. If you can make it to the meet please add your name to the current running list of people that plan on attending. ~thanks

Location: Monmouth Park or Roosevelt Field Park EDISON NJ (we are still deciding)

Date: August 12th, 2006

so far we have 30 e30 + e36 M3's, M coupes and 2 or 3 3ers...

1. fitchesbass (Derek)
2. m3buzz (Tom)
3. Phil97m3Blue (ummm, Phil ) I'm in Lansdale for you other PA'ers
4. brianly (Brian) In Harleysville, near Phil in Lansdale.
5. apollo332 (Ted)
6. 95blkbimm3r (Shaun)
7.team66 (Alex) Lancaster County
8. VandBMdubbin (Chris) i do not have an M3 but im still comming

1. 95RogueM3 (Richard)
2. 71455VERT (Bill)
3. :torque: (Paul)
4. CT88 (Chris)
5. redline effect (matt)
6. cong13 (Brian)
7. .........(Troy-Ben's friend with a 97 Lux Coupe)
8. EuroBeem (Eric)

1. Danios (Dan)
2. eduardrobinson(rob)
3. NYM3Jack (Jack)
4. kxl77 (Kevin)
5. nycmpower (Brandon)
6. roaminbmw (Barry)
7. Dilat3d (Dan)
8. M3klee(Rob)
9. IceMan22 (Sean)
10. ducky (spencer)
11. ///Mindage (Matt w/mcoupe)

1. Badgtho (Ben)
2. Joenole (Joe)
3. bmwpowere36m3(Mike)

Further Info b6f2301d
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