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Sigh... I have lived in Wisconsin for over 12 years and I knew this day was coming. Took on bambi and kinda lost...

Anyway, I'll try to keep this brief but I hope ya'll can shed some light on my grim situation.

I hit a deer going about 40 miles an hour in my 2003 BMW 325i. I took all front passenger side damage. My insurance has deemed my baby totaled but I have elected to buy it back and repair the car since it is mostly cosmetic damage.
As of now I know I need: hood, front right bi xenon headlamp, and corner blinker.
The car still turns over and runs fine with one exception... after I turn it on the fan comes on at full speed and stays running at top speed as if the car is running hot which it clearly isn't. Is it possible that a sensor got squished in that area and is a simple fix?

I didn't want to let my insurance scrap her because I absolutely love my car and recently put a new altenator, starter, fuel pump, tires, and battery in. The headlight I know will be expensive but I am getting a decent settlement. For anyone curious, I have to admit... the Bimmer took the damage incredibly well. The front grille popped out and I found both pieces in the ditch COMPLETELY intact. The damaged bixenon light was seriously in pieces... BUT STILL WORKING.. and the blinker was hanging down on the side of the car.. still freakin working. Also for those curious.. the deer did pass away almost instantly.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I look forward to any insight on the obnoxious fan.
TLDR; hit deer...front passenger side damage only.. car's fan runs at top speed all the time now?


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I hope you stopped, picked up the deer & put it into your trunk for future eating just to spite it for wrecking your Bimmer.

That's one way to go deer hunting,.....but not the preferred method.

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