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Hello Bimmerfest Surfers!
Names Lee and I own a 1989 525i e34. I recently began to take interest in fixing the many things the car has since my 1993 mazda protege overheated and needs a complete engine refreshment. I dont have the proper stuff to take the engine out so I decided to fix the other car we had.

Here are some of the problems I am experiencing.

1. The Idle is in the middle of 0 and 1 (500RPM) and I've noticed while I start her up and got her going that the car will want to lurch sometimes even with the brake on.

2. The Shifter will move into any gear regardless of if the brake is applied. The car will only start in Neutral and Park still.

3. The car will sometimes die when going in excess of 45 mph mostly, but will also fail in lower speeds as well. I can get the car going again by pumping on the gas pedal. This has been happening more frequently lately (once every two weeks) now it doesnt happen nearly as much. I think it is because we drive it more now? I was thinking it could be the fuel pump.

4. The car will jerk while I'm decelerating at speeds of 35mph. Transmission?

5. I hear a hissing noise coming from underneath the rear of the car.

6. I think it is the turn dial for the fan speed, It spins a total 360 degrees. also, the buttons for recirculation, rear heat and ac compressor dont seem to work but I dont know how they are supposed to feel since this is the only 89 525i I've seen or touched. haha. The ac would work at the max setting before I broke the dial, but the air was not cold, now since the dial can spin around freely, the ac wont cut on at all... what could be the problem?

Just a few days ago, went to start the car and I decided to see if the ac wanted to work and nothing. I could hear the compressor turn on, and some noise in the air ducts of the ac but no air. Could the switches be bad? Would someone sell me some cheap? Im in Houston Texas.

Less than a week ago, the ac decided it would work on any speed and the air was ICE COLD. I know it has to be an electrical problem. I also need the hazard switch since mine is stuck down.

I dont remember the rest but will update everyone later. I plan on fixing this up and painting it myself. :)

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Idle is fine at 500.
Does the RPM vary when the car lurches?
Your car does not have shift interlock. Does the shifter move out of park without pushing the button on the bottom of the handle?
Does the car die when you are on or off the gas at 45?
Do you have an exhaust leak?
Pull the dial off and see if it is broken.
They should be micro switches. Push them and the light should come on.

Hope that helps.
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