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I do love E34s. But I'm with PhilH that the Alpina is a bit much for my tastes.

It's another car I'd add if I had a bigger garage and a few thou lying around.

Even a 525i 5-spd would be great. A chip and new rims and you've got a great (and cheap) family sedan.

I have thought about this.

Then again, I have a different 3rd car idea every week.

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Re: Re: Now isn't this SEXY???


Come to think of it, I would have taken away the stripes, replace with roundel emblem, replace with 520i emblem. Ahh...

Then drive down to the nearest Bimmerfest gathering and start laughing at everyone. Take off through the nearest highway entrance asap!:lmao:

Josh (PA) said:

That B10 badge is RICEYYYYY (just kidding).

I do agree with PhilH, I'd love an asesthetically toned down version
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