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I have just put an M52B28 engine in my M52B25 compact.
Got it out of a Z3 2.8i. In Europe there was no MS52B28 with DME MS41.1, only models with MS41.0. After 09/98 it was replaced by the MS42 in the Z3 (different engine).
Now I would like to program / code my old DME / MCU which is also a Siemens MS41.1 for the new engine.
But without the codes / numbers printed on the DME / MCU, it is really difficult to get a complete data set. Can someone help me and send me the 5 numbers printed on the little sticker on your DME / MCU?
These are mine, they should be similar / same format:
WBACT3180AW12362 (I think you call this VIN),
0FFFFFFFFFD (some coding),
1430710 (part number),
1440176 (part number),
7503345 (programming code),
It is only possible to load the software onto my DME / MCU with those codes (with the BMW dealer's MoDIC system).
Thanks for your help!
Munich, Germany
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