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I live in NY but bought a new BMW from a NJ dealer. NJ dealer said they will register my car with NYS DMV but I need to take care of the NYS inspection myself.

Anyone have a good shop/dealership recommendation for getting a NYS inspection for a new BMW? Want to go someplace friendly but professional.

Thank you.

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In the Suffern / Nanuet area I can recommend quite a few.

However, if it's a new car, it doesn't really matter where you take it - they have to pass it.

You can't get the NY inspection until you have NY plates and registration card though.

The process of getting it inspected is a bit of a pain:

The NJ dealer should give you NJ temporary plates AND they should apply for the NY state plates for you. They'll put the NJ temp tag in your rear window for you so you can drive it for 20 days.

The NYS plates should arrive at the NJ dealership within 5-10 days.

You go to NJ dealership and pick up the plates. They may even put them on for you and put the NYS registration sticker in the window for you (or, you may have to do it yourself) as well as give you the NYS registration paper that you should keep in the glove box.

They will also give you a little piece paper with a NY State stamp (in red) on it that is a 10-day inspection bypass. Scotch tape this to your windshield where the inspection sticker would normally go.

Drive to any NYS inspection station (I like the little garage built into the Citgo on 59 in Nanuet across from the KFC - he always does right by me). He'll plug in the ODBII connector, check that it reads OK, and slap on a proper sticker for you. WIth a brand new car you get 2 years before the next one is due - with a used car you need to go back every year.

Of course, if it is a used car you are talking about, everything is the same except the inspection isn't a gimmee.

Whatever you do DON"T go to the Goodyear on 59 in Monsey. They will ALWAYS finds something that you have to buy from them - new windshield wipers, an axle bearing (yes, they did this to me once), or of course, new tires. No-one gets out of there alive.

Hey - it's still better than the TUV inspection!

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