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OBC test car dies....

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Hey I was reading about the guy that had his alternator fail, and I tried to do the obc test just to mess around, and it did say test, then shut my car down. :mad: I turned the key off then on again, with no results... I haven't unplugged the battery yet, and I'm confident that will fix it, just wondering how often this happens? :dunno:
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I have never heard this happen, are you sure it is just not a coincidence? Also you have to unlock the obc first, look at this link, and at the bottom of that page is more info. There is a link i can find that is E34 specific and teaches you how to set your reserve amount.

The ONLY thing that the OBC can do remotely to that, to my knowledge, is disable the starter, but it can only do that once the car is off and you hit code, and enter a pin number of your choice.
Any other symptoms, does the OBC say CODE?
OBC said test only... I jumped the car, tried again and it worked fine... might have been a coincidence. What cca does your battery have, I just got a replacement, but it was worn off the old battery, so I got 650cca, figured that was pretty big. Thats the link I read in the first place.
Mine is 950CCA, 650 would not start my car, the dealer i got it from had a bad battery in the car, and their 650CCA jump box would not start it, took that and my Jeep jumping it to turn over.
But mine is a V8 540i.

Those links give great info on the OBC, things i did not know it did, and other links are E34 specific because some of those things do not work on the E34 since we have a few test that are only for our cars.
Make sure what OBC you have, yours may be an earlier on that does not do as much as my 95's.
It will not unlock either, but it says lock when I go to enter the code. That lead's me to believe that it's already unlocked? It won't lock either if so.
You are entering the date after adding the number right?
Enter the code again, and it should unlock now you do not want it to say lock.
What number? The test number? Te19 33 Right?
Test 19, then add the month and day together(8+25=33 is the unlock code).
Not sure if you have to hit S/R to enter the code
I'll try again, but that was what I was doing... Off topic, but my srs light is going off, pretty sure the last owner took the dash apart, any idea if the free scan tools at like an auto-zone would have the capability to reset it?
No luck unlocking, no big deal.
No auto store can set it, but carsoft can; unless someone in your area has carsoft software for early BMWs.
Yeah, no. I gotta pay to take it to a shop, now... Went to Dol, though and now it's legal to drive to the shop, yay!!! After that, I fixed everything else, so, I can get it inspected and get some plates on this sob after 3 mos
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