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Here are a few general comments re OBD-II.

OBD-II Monitors

Continuously running:
Comprehensive Component
Fuel System

Oxygen Sensor
Catalytic converter
Evaporative System
Air conditioning
EGR and AIR (if equipped)

Non-continuous monitors require the use of correctly-functioning sensors (previously validated by other on-board diagnostics) and specific driving conditions (drive cycles) to occur before this test can be run and completed. Weather, altitude, driving style may result in a given monitor not running for days, weeks, or months.

The monitor results are erased when any codes are cleared by a scan tool, or the battery is disconnected.

A scan tool can show if the monitors have been completed, and the car is ready for a smog test.

The above has been edited from a column from Brad Bergholdt, an automotive technology instructor at Evergreen Valley College, in San Jose, CA.
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