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Thanks to Scottn2retro for setting up Sunday's detailing clinc, and to Marco for hosting and teaching the clinic.

Bing and Sonet had had a couple questions about the tint on my windows,

Here are the details:

More images on my website at
Product: FormulaOne
Material: Ultimate - metal impregnated to further reduce heat transmission
Local installer: Tint Plus, 949-830-1897
Shade: fronts medium 38% ** backs dark 18%
Cost: 6/22/01 I paid $225.00
Warranty: Lifetime, nationwide support
Warranty for Ultimate covers: crazing, cracking, demetallizing, delaminating, and will not change color.

I am really happy with the work TintPlus did. They also did my truck a couple months ago. I didn't get the Ultimate because at their recommendation it would not match the factory tint. These guys are good and they will suggest what's best for you.

As far a dimished radio reception, I think AM may be reduced, but I can still get San Diego FM stations like 91.1 all the way up past the 5/405. And I can get LA stations like 95.5 down past Oceanside.

Also, the "new car" leather smell is from Griots. It's Leather Scent and costs about $7 a bottle. Here is the link:

Thanks again to Scott for setting this up!

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It was a nice event.

I really didn't know what to expect (being the first one) but I think even some of the more experienced guys came away with something out of it. Thanks to SONET for photo recording the event and he's working on getting them posted. When they're available, I'll do a proper write up.
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