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Thanks to Scottn2retro for setting up Sunday's detailing clinc, and to Marco for hosting and teaching the clinic.

Bing and Sonet had had a couple questions about the tint on my windows,

Here are the details:

More images on my website at
Product: FormulaOne
Material: Ultimate - metal impregnated to further reduce heat transmission
Local installer: Tint Plus, 949-830-1897
Shade: fronts medium 38% ** backs dark 18%
Cost: 6/22/01 I paid $225.00
Warranty: Lifetime, nationwide support
Warranty for Ultimate covers: crazing, cracking, demetallizing, delaminating, and will not change color.

I am really happy with the work TintPlus did. They also did my truck a couple months ago. I didn't get the Ultimate because at their recommendation it would not match the factory tint. These guys are good and they will suggest what's best for you.

As far a dimished radio reception, I think AM may be reduced, but I can still get San Diego FM stations like 91.1 all the way up past the 5/405. And I can get LA stations like 95.5 down past Oceanside.

Also, the "new car" leather smell is from Griots. It's Leather Scent and costs about $7 a bottle. Here is the link:

Thanks again to Scott for setting this up!
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