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Looking for some advise.

I need to replace my front control arms on my e46 2001 325ci. I Can get the OCAP parts at cost $116 per side. I havent seen much on OCAP, any suggestions on if I should go with OCAP or Meyle? I replacing both control arms and alredy have the meyle bushings and brackets.

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Ever heard of OCAP? ABOUT THE COMPANY! Ocap is a renowned high quality Italian company that specializes specifically in the area of steering and suspension parts. We've used these Ocap kits in our own service facility and continue to have great results. Not much is known about Ocap in the Audi Vw realm because their replacement suspension parts are used more on Mercedes, Volvo, and BMW models. However, they are the OEM supplier for Maserati and Lamborghini. They are a TÜV and ISO 9001 certified company. This is one of the most important certifying bodies in Europe. Ocap has also achieved two more important ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 quality certifications. We encourage you to check out their site for more information.
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You answered your own question with this statement IMO.
Let me rephrase...Does anyone have personal experience or knowledge of OCAP?
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